Freedom Heart Ukraine

The Freedom Heart Lightbox ™ is designed for easy use, and can be displayed in the windows of our homes and businesses, to make the statement that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine in their fight to safeguard the principles of freedom and democracy.

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The Freedom Heart Initiative

Together, we can make a difference.

Brightly displaying the Ukrainian blue and yellow serves as a reminder that the people of Ukraine continue to defend their sovereignty and values that we all hold dear to our hearts. 

The Freedom Heart Lightbox™ is a donation of $150. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to organizations that assist Ukrainian refugees in Canada and that promote and protect Ukrainian culture both here and abroad.

The Danyliw Foundation is expanding its charitable mandate for this initiative. Firstly, funds raised will be donated to charities whose aim is to help Ukrainian refugees and immigrants rebuild their lives in Canada. Secondly, we want to support Ukrainian artists and scholars to preserve and promote Ukrainian culture in Canada and Ukraine.

The Freedom Heart Initiative was conceived to bring awareness to the struggle of the Ukrainian people to preserve their unique identity.

The Polataiko Project

"The Barbara Edwards Contemporary Project Space opened its doors on February 9 for a special reception featuring the works of Ukrainian-born Canadian artist Taras Polataiko. The event raised awareness about ongoing wartime orthopaedic trauma in Ukraine and BCU Foundation’s special fund titled Advanced Surgical Skills and Implants for Skeletal Trauma (ASSIST).

The exhibition’s curator, Barbara Edwards, delivered the opening remarks along with an insightful, in-depth lecture on the themes of Polataiko’s work, which call attention to cultural conflict, displacement, identity, and moments of cultural genocide. "
- BCU Foundation

Watch the video for coverage of the event by Forum TV.

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