How We Help

Our mission is to bring awareness to the struggle of the Ukrainian people to preserve their unique identity in these difficult times.

Firstly, funds raised will be donated to support active critical issues (see below), and charities whose aim is to help Ukrainian refugees and immigrants rebuild their lives abroad and in Canada.

Secondly, we want to support Ukrainian artists and scholars to preserve and promote Ukrainian culture both in Canada and in Ukraine.

Below are some of the most pressing issues we are supporting.

Please consider donating during this crucial time. Contact us to learn more.

Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

Together with our trusted partners, Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, we want to address the Canadian Business and Art Community to join the FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN and help people who lost their homes and fight to survive.

Right now tens of thousands of people from the South of Ukraine suffer from the dreadful consequences of the humanitarian and ecological catastrophe caused by the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power plant by the russian army.

WE RAISE FUNDS to provide direct help and deliver necessary medical products & hygiene supplies to people in Kherson and Kherson region. Many families there are relocated, trapped, traumatised, and lost their relatives, homes or any potential income because of the heavy floods. Most of them don't have access to electricity, water, pharmacies or shops.

Here we give you just a brief summary of numbers and facts:  

  • about 40,000 people from a critical flood zone need to be evacuated, but hundreds of thousands more could be affected in the nearest future; 
  • the release of 18 cubic kilometres of water, about the volume of the Great Salt Lake in the U.S., will sweep the Dnipro River’s banks, threatening 80 settlements with flooding; 
  • over 10,000 hectares of farmland will be flooded in the south; 
  • at least 150 tons of machine oil have been released into the Dnipro River.

How can you help? 

Please donate any comfortable sum of money – this is indeed the case when every $100 counts.

You can purchase the Freedom Heart Lightbox and display it in your window to make a statement that you stand with Ukraine.

Money raised from your donations will be allocated transparently between the Initiative's urgent needs and strategic activities of the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund which keeps supporting the cultural heritage sector of the Kherson region and the South of Ukraine.

Thank you for your support and solidarity!